When I first wanted to start writing comic books I was completely lost. I had never really written before other than a blog post here and there. I have always loved reading both novels and comics and mostly just love any kind of good story telling. The plots and the complicated characters, surprise endings and character arcs.

Of course there were those times where I read or watched a movie or T.V. show where I said to myself. “Man I think I would have written that differently” or “I think I may have been able to write a better story than that. At the same time I really started looking for a creative outlet.

How to write a comic book script

I wondered how writers even got all of their ideas. Being that comics were one of my favorite mediums of story telling, I started to wonder what it would be like to start learning how to write a comic book script? I wasn’t sure if there was a set format, like there is for manuscripts and screen writing, or exactly how the writers story made it from their head to the page of the artist.

I started to do a lot of research into how to write a comic book script. I soon found out that there was really no standardized script format. I looked at some of my favorite writers work including names like Brian K. Vaughan, Mark Millar, Mark Waid, and Grant Morrison. Their scripts were almost completely different from one another.

I finally came across Jim Zub’s web site which is really set up more like a writers tutorial than anything else. I would highly recommend joining his Patreon subscription if you are at all serious about writing comics. No lie it is like a mini university on writing comics.

Jim posts many of his current scripts and outlines on his Patreon. You basically get a look at scripts and story planning from comics currently out on the shelves of your local comics shop.

You can download a sample of one of my short five page scripts here:  Extinction Event Script by Eric Gahagan

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I would love to respond to any questions that you all might have on how to get started writing comics or how to write a comics book script so shoot me some comments below this post!