Hey everyone. I’ve been meaning to do this for some time now. Myself and Rich Perotta have been working away in the background on a new 60 page comic called……………

Axe Weilding Space Freak


Anyway Rich’s art is fantastic, and I thought it would be cool for people to see all the hard work that goes into actually creating a comic page.


Here is the low down on our hero Elaina Mephista:


“When her home world is destroyed by an intergalactic demon, a young woman must fight her way back through the fabric of space-time to confront the demon and prevent it from ever attacking in the first place.”



Elaina Mephista Art by Rich Perotta



Going along with the idea of sneak peeks and previews, here are the first couple pages of script for the book!



Axe Wielding Barbarian Space Freak


Written by Eric Gahagan

Art by Rich Perotta



Lettering note: Underlines indicate bold dialogue text used for emphasis in speech.




Space is a vast expanse of stars and galaxies. An endless and ever growing universe.  The planet Westphalia, like many worlds before it, has fallen into the grip of the evil Deathbringer. A world once full of life, now reduced to smoldering ash. None have been able to halt the Deathbringer’s unquenchable thirst for destruction. None until now…






Panel 1: Splash page. Shot of our main character Eleana, swinging her  guitar axe, cutting a small, scary looking, winged demon in half (some gory violence right out of the gates). She is surrounded by an army of these demons. Her home world is under attack. The landscape is mostly barren and smoking, as if a battle has just come to its conclusion. Off in the horizon we see the smoky silhouette of our antagonist. Our antagonist (The Death Bringer), appears as a faceless hooded entity with red glowing eyes and sharp teeth. His arms are outstretched giving off the vibe that he is the puppet master of this attack.


  1. Caption Death reigns down from the heavens.
  2. Caption Eleana Mephista is now the last of her people.
  3. Title Lost In Time
  4. Credits


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Let us know what you think of the design of Elaina’s Sick Axe guitar Weapon in the comments!